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I always had the habit of taking breaks and then again make a fresh start to talk to guys for marriage purpose.

Sometimes it did make me frustrate and think why are the good guys or why isn’t it working with anyone? Is anyone serious for marriage or just here for to pass their time by gaining experience to talk to different females and meeting them?

Here I again completely thought about taking a break from this marriage talk and concentrate on my career. I recently had a talk and didn’t work out with him as well so I had completely decided to stop talking to guys from overseas as I was convinced with the fact I will be marrying in my own town and not going to settle anywhere outside India.

I was browsing the profile for the last time to accept and reject guys and clean up the requests as I had decided to take a break again! That’s when just for sake I accepted this guy’s request thinking what’s wrong in accepting even though I know I am not going to talk and nothing is going to work out anyway. I went back to usual schedule of mine.

After few days I got a messaged on Facebook from the same guy and here I am thinking oh great! He found me and now I have to talk to him. He was pretty decent in his talks though I was least bothered about judging him right away.

We did exchanged numbers and here the chat session went to Whatsapp where I hardly used to be online those days and did not take any effort to talk to this guy.

This was the unexpected alliance that came into my life, when I expected the least of anything and now I am going to wedlock with this guy and I am glad we did talk to each other and gave a shot. And now he is the reason that inspired me to share my journey to all with this blog.  I really hope to share all the events that taken in my life after he being a part of me.

– Manu