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I truly never intend to test his patience it just happen that I could see he putting loads of efforts to talk to me, my replies were really short and to the point where I never pretend to be sweet neither sour. I was always straight forward and formal with him and I guess at least he liked me being formal and straight to the point.

My replies were like dead end conversation where as he always used to come up with some lame jokes which I took seriously and did got angry at him.  I couldn’t somehow convey that those are really not working for me and I don’t like such jokes.

I had deleted his number couple of times thinking this won’t work between us. But I really don’t know how he managed to stay in touch with me. I was busy with mom’s health issues those days so did not talk much to him and this went on for a week or two.

The way he tried to have a conversation with me though I was least interested and bothered, showed his patience. He was patient enough to bear my attitude which was not that bad though, (if I was in his place wouldn’t have entertain anyone so much, but I know he is different.)

Those two weeks were more like formal conversations where used to ask for how are you doing? What are your qualifications? Future plans and so on. I even bear his never ending jokes which I consider it to be true.

I am glad he was patient enough to talk to me and that made us talk more once we past that phase.