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Our first Skype call was a sudden and a unexpected one as we didn’t decided to go for it. I was not nervous neither excited about it. We decided to have a call and see how it does and when I called him it was busy and he in ten minutes he lied to me about his call unable to network due to network issues. I did not oppose as I was least interested but I knew he lied about it which was so not cool in the first meet. He was scared to do the video call due to his funny haircut and didn’t want to be rejected because of that, but frankly speaking hairs or no hair did not matter to me much as they grow but the person with value and morals be the same. Though we had nothing as such to talk about still manage to talk for more than an hour I suppose, after the call I found it to be positive one but that didn’t really made me think about him all day. Anyway it was a sweet conversation. I loved it.