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He is a good person by heart, that’s what I noticed first. During his first talks I could make out he doesn’t pretend to be someone who he isn’t. I have met many guys and seen they always tend to test me with some or other ways but this Z (let’s give him a name Z) never tried to test me with anything.

He is kind by heart and does understand other people. He listens to people very carefully, tries to understand the person situation by being in his/her shoes and then react on the situation. He is very careful with his words which are one thing I lack. I am pretty straight forward and sometimes don’t think twice before speaking but he does. He is very careful when he talks to others, I noticed this when he talked with my parent’s.

So far he is kind by heart, a good listener, careful with his words, patient and hey how can I forget the most important thing he jokes around so much! God!! It’s so hard at times to control it.

Does he think he is funny? As he tries to be funny and that is so weird sometimes as I never get his jokes, they are so poorly constructed and the most annoying part is when he jokes around in serious matter by giving it a light environment which is so not good with me, I hate when this happens, where I expect him to say things which are true from his end but he end up joking. In this situation I always get confused as I don’t understand what is true or joke.

I like his height, damn I am always crazy for guys who have good height and glad he has one. He is 5.11 which is way good as till now hardly met anyone with good height.

One most important thing I like is I can be myself and I never tried to pretend what I am not. He got to know my nature from the start which was a positive point for both of us as normally in arranged marriage it happens like people show their true colours after few months.

These are things I know about him so far and will update once I know more about him.

– Manu