About Me


Everyday I get to know more and more things about myself, and it’s been great experience of life I’m going through. It’s always good to know yourself first.

I think I have a different vision about many things, I try to learn and capture from every small things those are happening around me, and they help me to grow better and better as a good human being.

I am very sensitive person, I love my family and friends. I love to explore, big time foodie and crazy photography lover as well.

I still wanna achieve a lot in my personal as well professional life. I believe in god, I do enjoy short walks, good conversations, I’m a good listener as well.

I am newbie in blog world but I do love sharing my experience with you all beautiful people. I am newlywed and it’s still a learning process for me how to know and understand my husband. I wish to share how I found my him and the different experiences throught the process of pre and post wedding. 

Thanks for stopping by ☻

Manu  ❤